LOGITRON - thermostats and regulators

Our company Logitron was founded in 1991 and currently ranks
between the largest specialized supplier of measurement and control techniques
for cooling, heating, air conditioning and industrial automation.

Logitron provides:
  • Direct selling in Prague, mail order throughtout Czech Republic and other countries in Europe
  • Own inventory store to ensure fast delivery to our partners
  • Quantity discounts from 5 pieces
  • Individual business conditions for wholesale customers
  • Qualified expert technical support
  • Reliable delivery, warranty and customer service
For information about our products, availability, price and delivery, please, contact our sales manager Ing. Jan Veselý via phone: +420 296 150 064 or +420 608 970 643 or via email jv@logitron.cz

The company Logitron also operates online store: www.AZ4.cz

AZ4 Termostaty Regulátory

Modern online store AZ4.cz allows product search by parameters, displays the best-selling products in each category and allows you to purchase without registering.

Logitron deliver measuring instruments, controllers, thermostats and monitoring systems of brands: Dixell Ascon Tecnologic PIXSYS Carel Ebro Euroster

Registered customers have access to current prices. Sign up HERE

The company Logitron deliver panel digital thermometers, digital indicators of pressure / humidity, panel digital thermostats, DIN thermostats, controllers, PID controllers, ON / OFF controllers, counters, timers, PTC temperature probes, NTC temperature probes, PT100 temperature probes, thermocouples, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, humidity sensors. The company Logitron imports measuring and control equipment brands: DIXELLl, ASCON TECNOLOGIC, CAREL, EBRO, MIRES, XJET, quality substitutes brands: OMRON, JUMO, ELIWELL, FLICA, LAE.



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